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Great Wall Motor is committed in the world to creating high-quality after-sales service. Currently Great Wall Motor distributes after-service stations in each marketing region or markets to provide GWM car owners with top quality services.

o ensure service quality offered by service terminals, Great Wall Motor regularly carries out training activities for overseas service partners (training photo); currently 1000-m2 overseas training center possessed by GWM is officially put into use and can provide various types of training and great support with overseas partners. There are more than 70 special assembly teaching aids and the complete vehicle teaching aids, providing intuitive instruction with trainees.

GWM organises various forms of service experience activities overseas, such as road rescue support (photos of serviced cars), free performance test, discounts and small gifts. 

In order to ensure successful parts supply for end customers overseas, GWM has established stereoscopic warehouse (warehouse photos) in headquarters. This warehouse is fitted with vertical shelves (photos), small parts independent storage areas (photos), big parts areas (photos), common parts storage areas and maintenance parts areas and managed in WMS and EPC manners (Informatization process management) Separated packaging area and storage area increases efficiency of parts circulation.